Shinfield Tennis Club Juniorsball bullet

Children from 3 years old can join our mini-tennis programme, which is a highly regarded national scheme to take them from beginner and develop their skills.

  • Tots (3-5 yrs)
  • Mini Reds (5-8 yrs)
  • Mini Orange/Green (8-10+ yrs)
  • Full court yellow ball (10+ - 18 yrs)

Group coaching sessions for each level will be held on Thursday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you are interested in coaching, please contact our coaching team with details of the slots that you are interested in joining and your contact details.

Holiday Campsball bullet

We also offer a range of tennis holiday camps throughout school half terms and holidays for both Members and Non Members. Our links to schools through our 'tennis taster' programme offer the Camp experience as a stepping stone to our coaching programme. So watch this space for more information, and book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Squadsball bullet

We have a range of different squads at STC catering for all ages and abilities.

On a Monday night we run invitational only squads for children who are playing twice a week or more and are looking to take their tennis to the next level by competing in matches and tournaments. These groups are slightly smaller and the sessions more intense, and as a result more individual attention is given.

Our other sessions throughout the week are run for all standards and abilities, but are split by ability so every child is working at the correct level and enjoying themselves. This also helps the children to work hard to either move up into the "higher" group and or continue to work hard so they don't get moved back down.

Working with schoolsball bullet

We have been working with 6 schools in Wokingham Borough to offer pre or post school tennis for infants and juniors.

Our LTA licensed coaches in arrangement with the school have taken small groups just before school starts in the morning or just after school finishes, as part of an initiative by the club to "share tennis with our community". From 2014 we are offering 'Tennis Assembly Tasters' to every schoolchild in our selected local schools.